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Aionios Research Institute Story & Vision


It all started with a conversation about language, and the experience of supernatural language.

My first question was, what are ages made of? If their substance in its most rudimentary form levels down to an idea, that creates a focal point of communication, in the form of thoughts, emotions, meditations, imaginations, and eventually verbal language and innovation or production, how do we bring this experience into a supernatural expression?

Is there unseen and unheard language that we are not tapping into? How do we interact with this ineffable language, that transcends our physical senses?

This brought me to another series of questions. Are these the right questions? Is the starting point into this unlimited expression found in the sphere of language? Or is it found in the sphere of thought? Or are these two sides of the same coin?


I realized that thought and language were too small of a paradigm. It was really a matter of the design of a mind that can think, process, and function in a way that it is predisposed to the supernatural.

In essence I realized that the model necessary was a new model of consciousness designed around the reality of the Infinite, the Eternal, the Supernatural, hence the name Aionios, which means Eternal or Unending, Unlimited.

Side note: Just to define consciousness briefly, I believe consciousness is the animation of the spirit of the mind, the life of the mind in thought, emotion, imagination, dreams conscious and subconscious that find their expression in our biology as well as our behavior, and life. The sum of it all can be translated as the expression of our awareness and experience that frames our reality.

Hope Filled Hypothesis

This discovery led to more questions (yes, can you believe that?) that began to define the vision through a hope filled hypothesis. If the mind, our emotions, our consciousness has dormant capacities that are unlimited (I know this is a leap but hear me out)

If these capacities are there, how are they activated? Can we frame the gateway of experience that some people have tapped into intuitively and done and created great things? Is there a genius of unlimited potential asleep in our DNA and Neural Networks, and how can we frame what has been an intuitive reach and translate it into a gateway and process of access that can be learned and harnessed?

In other words, can a dimension that has only existed intuitively become an intelligence that upgrades the consciousness potential, that in turn activates and expands our supernatural senses and language capacity beyond words and linear time?



And if so, what is the catalyst for this experience?

It really all starts with Awe and Wonder.

You see, awe is one of the most complex emotions that occurs when an individual is presented with something bigger than themselves, the expanse of the vastness that they are experiencing creates certain conditions that are imperative for personal expansion. In an awe experience the greatness before us shifts the focus from ourselves and we connect with the feeling that we are part of something much bigger.

Awe is an emotion that can be elicited in many ways, such as spending moments in nature, religious experiences, moments of transcendence, even encountering people, art, music, just to name a few.

The Science Of Awe

Here is a little bit of Neuroscience perspective

“Using fMRI scans, scientists have discovered changes inside the brain that might be responsible. When people feel awe, it lowers activity in the default mode network, a collection of brain areas thought to make up our sense of self.”

Moreover an awe experience not only lowers the activity of the default mode network, but it also requires your brain to shuffle what you know to make room for the new information, in order to be able to process it but most importantly consolidate it.

In addition it also affects your nervous system in unique ways-

“Awe has the opposite effect, reducing sympathetic influence on the heart and keeping us still—which suggests that awe’s function does not center on moving toward the material objects or people we desire.”



Now let’s move to wonder. Wonder is an extension of Awe that takes you into a discovery process. Personally, I believe that wonder is the learning process of Awe, that is hinged on mystery and curiosity, what is obscure isn’t perceived as a problem that must be solved, but rather, as a mystery that must be unveiled.

Awe & Wonder as a Gateway

It became clear to me, that Awe and Wonder were the gateway to unlock the unlimited potential because awe and wonder create an ability to absorb knowledge in exponential ways, that are experiential in nature and therefore, are processed differently than in the mere intellectual or scholastic pursuits of knowledge.

I believe awe and wonder are primers for the awakening of supernatural senses in an upgraded consciousness, but in order to fully understand this and process this exponential conversation it was going to require much more than one person and this hypothesis would have to become more than just a theory.

The Team is Born

So, here is where the Aionios team was born. First, I want to say that I am so incredibly grateful for these people who are not only great friends but also colleagues who give so much of their time to this research, but also believe in this vision whole heartedly.

Nicolas Acuña is our science expert, he tackles all the research that goes into cognitive neuroscience and other scientific frameworks and is able to process data intuitively and intelligently. His main assignment has been the research of the role of awe and wonder in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. He is in charge of reaching out to credible labs and scientists who have conducted research and experiments in the sphere of awe and wonder.

Saharh Burke has been handling the assignment of mathematical models in cognitive functions as well as energetic bio markers in the experience of language and unique environments. She has been searching out the role of the electromagnetic force and field both human and natural in the process of consciousness.

Mark Eaton is in charge of linguistic research both ancient and modern. He helps us build a linguistic grid to better understand the process of mind and heart transformation in linguistic expression.

Lastly, I (Fiorella Giordano) head the direction of the research that comes through my intuitive and spiritual paradigm. I also oversee and architect the progression of the research and build it into experimental strategy in order to design the models of immersive experiences that are super- human centered.



Our goal as a team is to design and architect the mind of the future through awe and wonder. We seek to do this through a prism lens of Cognitive Neuroscience, Supernatural Phenomena, Quantum Mechanics, Psychology, Biolinguistcs, Biosemiotics, and Mathematics, in order to facilitate a unique model that will produce out of the gateway of awe and wonder, what we call the Aionic Mind/Intelligence in order to expand the capacity for supernatural language expression and unlock a new unlimited civilization.


We will be sharing articles giving you a glimpse of our process of discovery and updating you on upcoming immersive experiments. Stay tuned! Subscribe to our site if you haven’t yet!

For inquiries go to our contact page and fill out the form!


Written by Fiorella Giordano

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I am intrigued by this concept of our full eternal potential, outside of the box. You have tapped in to a gateway of "being" which could very well lead to what we've always been; our eternal selves after having walked by faith "through" Jesus; after having undergone a spiritual molting process, to rid us of old garments (amnesia) we no longer need to shield us from truth, because we're awakening, and we're ready to KNOW! Is the pineal gland the "door" through which we can leap, to regain consciousness and "re-member" who we really are? Such infinite possibilities! God bless your work and your team, Fiorella.


I am filled with Awe and Wonder just reading this, my heart leaps and the cry of my spirit is Yes and I’m coming! On this journey to unlock our ancient pathways Within! I KNOW that I KNOW this is Spirit and Truth! I know I’m just beginning but I somehow RECOGNISE this FREQUENCY … this is The Way forward and onwards and Upwards and Deeper! Thank you! Thank you!


Incredible!! Just reading it engaged me into a revelatory flow of His Word! I 'second' what your other commentator says: this truly tastes of the age to come!! 🌟


Samuel Daerego
Samuel Daerego
Apr 22, 2022

Wow!!!! This is Phenomenal. I can feel the Spirit of Wisdom so strong on this article! Thank you Fi and everyone in this team for yielding to the Lord beyond the status quo to build the visions of the age to come!!! 🚀🚀❤️❤️ I stand in awe! Thank you Father!

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