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The Aionios Research Institute

We are a team of researchers committed to the vision of designing and modeling the mind of the future, the Aionic Mind. We seek to build a library of knowledge pertaining to our research and experiments in order to chart and upgrade immersive experiences and upgrade human potential.

More info coming- site is still under construction.


Our Team


Fiorella Giordano, Founder & CEO


Nicolas Acuna, Science Research

Fiorella is the founder of Aionios, she is a futurist, thought leader, and cultural architect who desires to build an intersection between the supernatural, language, cognition, and bio potential that explores and demonstrates the terraformation of the infinite in tangible experiences. 

She is the founder of the Ultraviolet Experiment, which explores the intersection of supernatural phenomena, dreams, and technology. 

She is also a mystic, speaker, and consultant who desires to see every system of oppression that infringes on our unlimited potential be made obsolete by models that unlock the wealth of possibility for a new civilization. 

She resides in Waxahachie, Texas. 

Nicolas is a tech entrepreneur with failures and successes in building and selling companies.

He serves as an advisor to multiple early stage start ups (Angel to Series B) and is a fractional executive for various companies in the Mental Health and Crypto markets.

Currently, he is building at the intersection of mysticism and technology aiming to bring forth applications to see the unseen.

He is a futurist and a perpetual student.

In his off time you can find him swimming and dancing all over Austin, Texas.


Saharh Burke, Mathematics Research

Email N/A

site under construction

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Mark Eaton, Linguistics Research

site under construction

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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